The Dilemma, by B.A. Paris

Knowing the truth will destroy her.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I just finished reading “The Dilemma” by B. A. Paris. It would be considered a thriller in a way because it is about a husband who has to make the impossible choice of keeping terrible news from his wife because it is her big birthday party. Even though I know I could never keep that information from anyone for that long, I empathized with the husband (his name is Adam) because I understand the feeling of wanting to hold on the belief that something terrible didn’t really happen, and not wanting to change the lives of the people I love forever.
However, I don’t really understand how the character could do it. And I don’t understand how the wife could not have known that something was off with her husband. But the wife (Livia) was harbouring a secret of her own that she didn’t want to share with her husband until after the party, because again, she knew just like her husband, that the news would change the lives of her family and friends forever.
When faced with the dilemma of change or maintaining peace, some of us would choose maintaining peace, but the news that Adam had for his wife was not something he should have withheld.
But this is a fictional story not real life, so it made for interesting and non-stop reading. I enjoyed this book, and it certainly launched many conversations of possible dilemmas in our lives and how we would resolve them.
A very good book, with interesting characters and a story that was thought-provoking and well-written. I enjoyed it and I think others will as well.
Happy Reading soon

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