“The Swap”, by Robyn Harding

The Swap

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
I just finished “The Swap” by Robyn Harding. First let me just say as a Vancouver BC girl, I was delighted that the author set this story in the Pacific NorthWest and mentioned Vancouver by name. She also included an important message about the problem with illicit drugs in the city.
I read this book very quickly. It was to me, difficult to put down. The story could be called a “love triangle” involving three women but not in a sexual way. It quickly becomes obsessive, for the youngest of the three women, an awkward teenager named “Low” who allows herself to make some terrible choices in order to stay in the life of beautiful “Freya” who is controlling both Low and “Jamie”, the third woman in the book.
The “Swap” refers to a night when Freya and Jamie swap partners for some sexy fun, and then let’s just say that things get…complicated. It all ends when the truth comes out some characters are happy and some are…well…not.
I really enjoyed this story. The author developed the story and kept it interesting with the story passing through different narrators. The only character I wished received more focus was “Max”, Freya’s husband. He was the least-developed character, but I like that this story focussed on the women.
I found the characters rootable (well most of them at least) and the author moved the story along at a good pace. Definately worth the read. I have already bought Robyn Harding’s next book. I think she is one of my new favourite authors, AND we live in the same city.
Read “The Swap”, by Robyn Harding. You won’t be disappointed.
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