The Lying Club

by Annie Ward

Rating: 2 out of 5.
The Lying Club: A Novel

I just finished reading “The Lying Club” by Annie Ward. The Tag Line was great, but the rest of the book was not what I was hoping it would be.
This book began with great promise…a mystery occuring very early on in the novel that set up the story perfectly. It was a good start introducing the characters and I really thought that I would enjoy it. But what began as great mystery slowly evolved into lie after lie after lie. It was so hard to follow with so many characters…none of which had redeeming qualities. I like Asha…she was my favourite, but overall, I need to be invested in characters in order to enjoy the story and I just wasn’t.
This book was long and sometimes overdrawn. It was good to give detail to all the events, but at times it was too much. When the truth came out, it was satisfying, but by then I just wanted to finish the book.
I did finish it, but again it dragged too much.
I guess my main problem with the story is that it was unecessarily drawn out. I liked the book enough to finish it, but not enough to recommend it.

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