Every Little Secret

By Sarah Clarke

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“It’s widely understood that unconditional love is reserved for a child” And so the story begins…
I just finished reading “Every Little Secret”, by Sarah Clarke. Thank You to Net Galley and Harper Collins for a free copy in return for an honest review.
This book is absolutely amazing. What a wonderful adventure, gripping tale of motherly love how secrets and lies keep important truths from becoming revealed.
This is a story about a woman named Grace who is married to Marcus. They have a child named Kaia. When Kaia is Seven, she begins making horrible accusations about her father which leads Grace down a difficult path of trying to protect her daughter and finding out the truth.
What follows is a trip into the past and her relationship with her best friend Coco and her brother Josh. The past and the present collide in spectacular way, and all the lies are uncovered to reveal surprising truths.
In the end, the reader is left feeling like they just got off the best rollercoaster ride of their life.
I was fascinated with the back story of Grace and her friend Coco, as well as the story of Marcus and his freind Josh. Excellent writing and pacing kept this story moving along at a breakneck speed and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Small hints of the truth were enough to keep me reading to the end..and what an ending it was.
This is a great book because it is highly entertaining, with great characters and drama. Your next favourite book for sure.
Happy Reading!

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