Such a Quiet Place

by Megan Miranda

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I just finished reading “Such a Quiet Place”, by Megan Miranda. This is the first book I have read by this author and it was a pleasant surprise.
This story takes place in an ideal suburban like neighborhood where everyone knows everyone else’s business and pretends to live in a perfect bubble. There is one character, who returns back to the neighborhoos after serving time for the murder of a couple in the neighborhood. There are lot of uncomfortable neighbors who want her to leave which leads to a murder mystery and the uncovering of many secrets.
I enjoyed this book. The author creates a strong background to the plot which makes the development of the story fun to follow. The characters all have secrets of their own which creates alot of added mystery as to WHODIDIT!
But in the end, I found the conclusion predictable. I agree that we all do things to protect our kids, but this story exposed the seedy underbelly of how devious humans can be with complete lack of a moral compass. I suppose I didn’t want to be reminded of that. I didn’t like that there was no integrity among the characters, maybe a little in the main character, because at the end, she did the right thing.
A good book written by a great author who I definately will read again.

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