Such a Good Mother

by Helen Monks Takhar

Rating: 3 out of 5.
I just finished reading "Such a Good Mother", by Helen Monks Takhar.   I would describe it as a psychological thriller based on the way the story evolves and changes direction so many times, and especially for the way it ends.

The story is about all mother's desires to give their child, and by extension, their family, the best possible chance to succeed.  Sometimes this desire leads women down paths where they compromise their own standards to 'fit in' or be accepted.

Such is the character of Rose, the daughter of a trickster who has to escape her own sketchy past and reinvent herself when she decides to enroll her son in an elite school.  What follows is a searing look into how we compromise ourselves to accomplishour goals of a better life.  All told to an exageratted story but the point is made nonetheless.

There are some twists which I enjoyed and surprised me...especially the final couple of pages.  There is some great storytelling and interesting characters which made me interested to read the entire book.  I hated the main culprit which is a result of how she was written.

However, the main character was not my favourite.  I really wanted to like her, but some of the things she did just didn't make sense to me.  I found her quite unrootable.

Overall, a good book...not my good enough to recommend to readers of this genre

Happy Reading!

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