Her One Mistake

by Heidi Perks

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I just finished reading “Her One Mistake” by Heidi Perks. Your typical domestic thriller about two friends who develop a friendship, both have secrets. One day one of the friends (Charlotte) takes her kids and the other friends (Harriet) kids to a fair…and the Harriet’s child goes missing. Everyone blames Charlottte, but the truth about Harriet’s slowly unravels and reveals a dark and sinister plot behind the whole event. I’m not sure if the one mistake is Charlotte taking the kids to the fair, Charlotte trusting Harriet, or Harriet thinking she could get away with her plans.

What follows is a thrilling search for answers told from both women’s perspectives, both in past and present tense.

Although it was hard to follow at times, and slightly unbelievable at others, it was an interesting look at how quickly public opinion changes when something bad happens (like a child goes missing). I felt great empathy for both characters, especially when the main character seemingly lost all community support, because they blamed her for the lost child.
I thought the villiam was written with alot of thought and precision. I actually hated the villain and I wanted him so badly to suffer.

The female characters were also well written and I liked their backstories. I think that the backstories are what made this book more enjoyable, especially Harriet, the woman whose child goes missing. I really wanted her to be happy throughout the book and I wanted her child to be okay.

So did Harriet reunite with her child? Did Charlotte restore her reputation and heal from the accusations that she faced? What happened to the main villain? All these questions are answered in the final chapters of this book. You will not regret reading this, especially if you enjy psychological thrillers.
Happy Reading!

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

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