Our Little Lies

by Sue Watson

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I jus finished reading “Our Little Lies” by Sue Watson. I would definately call this a domestic thriller because it deals with the relationship between a married couple and the lengths the wife will go to in order to keep her family together.

At first glance it appears, that Marianne and Simon are a happily wed couple. Marianne is dealing with past mistakes and struggles with mental health and trying to be the perfect wife and mother. Simon is a successful surgeon who is very handsome and connected and he wants to maintain a perfect image for himself and his family.

It slowly emerges that Simon is a manipulative narcisstic husband who verbally, and physically abuses his wife in order to control her. Marianne becomes convinced that Simon is having an affair and what follows is a discovery to find out what she is going to do about Simon and his affair.

I hated Simon. I have to give the author props for doing such a great job of bringing him to life. I wanted him to suffer and lose everything. I felt bad for Marianne, but at times I was frustrated both with her inaction and also with her inability to follow through. SHe came across as extremely weak at times, but I suppose that is what the author wanted to show the reader: the thought process behind women who are not treated well by their partners.
It was hard to read this book and I kept putting it down, the words that SImon used to berate his wife sometimes were too much.

I liked her relationship with Sophie and I knew that that was an important relationship that would save her. I didn’t like the ending because SImon went from being a complete douche to sacrificing himself and it just didn’t match up. I wish that he would have stayed wretched until the end. He deserved what he got.

So besides the ending, which might satisfy some readers, this book was well written especially in light of the topic. I think that this is a great book for female readers because it opens them up to what really happens behind closed doors. SOmetimes the most well put together families are the most fractured underneath. No body and nothing is as perfect as it seems…ever.
Happy Reading.

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