The SoulMate

by Sally Hepworth

I just read “The Soulmate” by Sally Hepworth. Thanks to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press for an advanced copy in return for an honest review. First I want to say Sally Hepworth is one of my favourite authors. She writes such goo story, slowly developed with bits of intrigue in every chapter. Small hints which climax into huge surprises and moments that take your breath away. Her characters are well developed and multi-layered and so so interesting. The Soulmate was such an excellent book.

It revolves around a youg couple (Gabe and Pippa) who together with their two lovely girls live in a beautiful cliffside house and have a wonderful romantic life. One evening, Gabe sees a women who looks to be contemplating jumping off the cliff behind the house. He telles Pippa to phone the police while he goes to speak to the woman. Pippa goes to phone the police and when she returns only Gabe remains…the woman is gone. Did Gabe push her? Was it an accident? Why is Gabe acting strange and lying to the police?

The story is told in two perspectives and by two different voices: past and present and Pippa’s voice and Amanda’s (the woman who dies) voice. The benefit of this is that the reader gets a wonderful glimpse into the events that preceeded the night of the jump. It is a love story in a way but not in the way I thought it would be. The ending is tragic and beautiful and endearing, especially when the reader finds out who “The Soulmate” really is. Sally Hepworth never disappoints…once again she has hit a homerun with this book. It is an absolute must-read!

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Happy Reading Everyone!

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