All the Missing Girls

by Megan Miranda

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I just finished reading “All the Missing Girls” by Megan Miranda. Here are my thoughts.
I just love it when I happen upon a not so new book by an author I’ve read before (and enjoyed). and I read it for the first time. It was absolutely wonderful to read this book. Told from the end in reverse it can be a bit confusing but that it what makes it all the more interesting.

The story centers around Nic who goes back home because her Father is ill and she along with her brother have to sell the house. Going home reminds her of the reason she left so quickly: her best friend from childhood one night disappeared never to be seen again. She is forced to revisit the events especially when another girls goes missing, and we learn about Nic and her brother David and her childhood love Tyler (I love him) and Corinne (the girl who went missing). We know that something terrible happened, we know that all the main characters have secrets about that night, and we know that there are many people involved (including Nic’s Dad who is old and somewhat senile).

The mystery of that night is slowly revealed chapter by chapter, and it is a wonderfully paced and well written reveal. All to serve the purpose of finding out what really happened to Corinne and what Nic and her friends are hiding.

I loved the dynamic between Nic and Tyler. It was sweet and innocent and lovely and was rooting for them throughout the book.

I loved that each small action or event in the story served a purpose and I loved the inner dialogue of Nic herself. I could feel her pain and agony as she was trying to come to grips with what happened so many years ago.

There were definately some surprises as the book progressed: but to say what they were would spoil the story.

I will say that I really liked this book. It was filled with mystery, angst, sorrow and…a little bit of true love.

The next time you are in a used book store, see if you can find this book…or try to order it on Amazon. It will be worth it…Trust Me.

Happy Reading.

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