Rating: 4 out of 5.

I just finished reading “False Witness” by Karin Slaughter. It can only be described as a psychological thriller which delves into drug addiction, child abuse and assault. It is extremely well written. The author does an excellent job of bringing the reader into the world of drug addiction and child abuse and assault.

The story centers around two sisters who survived terrible things in their childhood and did some terrible things as a result. Very quickly in the story, the reader meets the main culprit, who is a hardcore a*e who is manipulating on of the sisters to defend him against a horrible attack and rape charge of his own.

What follows is a search for an end to the manipulation which involves being honest and uncovering much trauma and secrets. In the end, the shining love and affection between the two sisters is told and shown beautifully throughout the book, especially in the final chapters. We see forgiveness, absolution, and redemption.

I really liked this book. It is very long and there were some parts I skimmed over. I found the characters complicated and emotionally traumatized by their past, but they were believable in their pain and search for justice.

There were alot of characters in this book, but the main culprit was written so well, that I developed an instant dislike for him and I really wanted to see him suffer for his actions.
I don’t think I could have finished this book if I had suffered this type of trauma because it was so well-written and realistic. That is the main strength of this book. You can tell it was well researched and thought out.

There is also the inclusion of COVID and how that would impact the lives of those who are already suffering.

I heard that alot of people read this in one day but I needed to take a few breaks during the reading so that I could settle my thoughts and emotions.

Overall, a huge thumbs up for this well-written exciting and thrilling book by Karin Slaughter.
Happy Reading.

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