A Nearly Normal Family

by M T Evardsson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I just finished reading “A Nearly Normal Family”, by M T Edvardsson. It is about a young girl, Stella who is accused of murder and the search for what really happened is told through three perspectives, the Dad, the Daughter and the Mom.

First of all, the Dad comes across as loving and kind but not capable of acting rationally or with any sense of calm. While he is right to be worried, he refuses to listen to anyone’s advice and acts in his own manner

The Daughter comes across as a typical teenager, enthralled with a much older man who promises her love and adventure. Her story is closely tied to that of her best friend Amina, who is hard to understand.

The mom is the most interesting character, by far. She is a lawyer and she is calm and calculated and tries to get her husband to believe in her. I sense real love between Ulrika and Adam, but Ulrika is hiding things from Adam and it casts a dim shadow on her character.

I never got the sense that this was a normal family…they are anything but. But the honest way they are portrayed paints a real picture of what normal really is…full of ups and downs, mysteris and lies, deception and truth. And the truest fact which is that parents will go to great lengths to protect their children…even in they have to sully the truth.

Happy Reading everyone.

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