The Personal Assistant

by Kimberly Belle

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I just finished reading “The Personal Assistant” with Kimberly Belle and here are my thoughts. This is a story about a woman who hires a personal assistant to help her run her social media platforms. This woman (called AC) disappears one day just as Alex is getting cancelled because of something that she posted. When the threats from social media trolls get nasty and viscous Alex finds out that her seemingly perfect husband, Patrick is hiding secrets. The story is told from the point of view of Alex, Patrick and A.C. It is a rollercoaster of frightening moments, deception, lies and intrigue. The ending ties mostly everything together, but a few questions were left unanswered.

What did I like? I liked the characters, expecially the daughters of Alex. I liked the lessons about the true consequences of living your life on Social Media and the toxicity that surrounds it. I liked the ending (for the most part).

What I didn’t like? The main character. I feel like she played the victim card too much. There were so many red flags and she ignored them. But maybe that was the point of the story. That there is a toxic underbelly to social media that exploits and harms society.

And the unanswered questions that I had about events in the story that I fele were dropped, or maybe I was supposed to infer them. I was actually a little disappointed when the instigator of the original media post that trigerred this story was revealed… don’t buy it…not at all.

Anyways, the story was entertaining, full of exciting events and lots of drama…
Happy Reading

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