The Guilt Trip

by Sandie Jones

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I just finished reading “The Guilt Trip” by Sandie Jones. I would consider this a book about lies and betrayal at the highest level. Three couples go to Portugal for a wedding and stay in a fancy villa. While there, secrets are exposed and betrayals are revealed, and basically nothing is at it seems.

Those who start out as loyal are shown to be incredible selfish and deceptive. Those who start off as sneaky and secretive are shown to be kind and compassionate at the end. You never quite know who to believe or trust…until the las 20 or so pages where all is revealed, and it is explosive…

I liked the characters of Rachel (the main character) and Noah. They seemed genuine and concerned for each other. I liked the naughtiness of Paige and Ali. I absolutely disliked Jack… He was a despicable character who I was pleased with how the story ended for him.
I didn’t like the feeling of whiplash I got as the story progressed. It was almost to many twists and turns…and after a while I just wanted the truth to come out.

The author did an excellent job of building up the backstory of the characters which made the ending satisfying. I though Rachel was week and gullible in some parts and I just wanted to shake her. I guess my main issue is that it took SOOOO long for the truth to come out.
Overall, a good mystery filled with secrets and lies and bad behaviour by all …except Will (I loved him!)
Happy Reading everyone.

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