The Silent Ones

by K.L. Slater

I just finished reading “The Silent Ones” and it was awesome. It tells the stories of two young girls who go on an adventure to visit and old lady and it doesnt end well. These two young girls are cousins and their moms are sisters who have issues of their own. Suffice it to say there is ALOT of family drama which creates an interesting story full of twist and turns.

What did I like about this book? Well, for one there was a great background to this story which created an interest in the relationship between the sisters and what caused the relationship to develop. Also the ending with the brother was so awesome. I loved it.

What did I not like about this book? While most of the story seemed realistic, there were definately parts which required a suspension of disbelief. At times, the story telling was other times it wasn’t.

All in all, I was interested in the sisters as well as the cousins, and managed to read the entire book quite quickly. Well Done, K.L. Slater, Well Done…

Happy Reading.

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